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COSMOPOLIS’ shooting has wrapped


David Cronenberg has completed COSMOPOLIS’ production stage, the highly anticipated cinematic adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel.

COSMOPOLIS’ principal photography started on May 23rd, in Toronto, Canada, gathering some of the most enthusiastic media response seen in today’s industry.

Cronenberg’s new project assembled a remarkable cast, headed by Robert Pattinson on the leading role, and some of the most amazing contemporary stars, including Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, Kevin Durand, Samantha Morton, Mathieu Amalric, Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire and Patricia Mckenzie.

COSMOPOLIS’ crew also played a key role and added incredible value to the most recent project of the director of masterpieces as “Crash” and “A History of Violence”, including the highly acclaimed Cinematographer Peter Suschitzky (“Empire Strikes Back”, “Eastern Promises”) and the three times Oscar winner Composer Howard Shore (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy).

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